Homemade Deodorizers

There are so many things that I see and think, “I could make something like that myself.”  Why should I pay when I can be crafty (and likely find someone online who has already done it and gives instructions!)? So to start off, I wanted to make some deodorizers for my diaper pail.

I found the recipe via ezinearticles.com, but it’s from Jen Casey’s Mama Nature blog originally. It involves baking soda (I went ahead and got a giant as I anticipate using it for other projects and/or multiple batches of these deodorizers), Tea Tree Oil (I purchased what is probably a way-too-large bottle on Amazon– 4oz. Recipes call for drops, so this bottle should last until LJ’s in college), and water. The ingredients are mixed, then packed into paper-lined muffin tins to create hockey-puck deodorizers.

A tip, for anyone like me who did not have a spare dropper around: The recipe calls for 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil. I Googled to find out the conversion, but have found different values in different places, but went with 1 drop = 1/60 tsp. Therefore 15 drops would be 1/4 tsp, which I do have a measure for. I made a 1.5x batch of the ingredients, which ended up filling all 12 portions of my muffin tin (or they would have been VERY large/overflowing pucks).

I’ve placed one at the bottom of the pail, and one in an old knee-high stocking that I tied to the hinge of the pail and drape down inside where the diapers are. This method keeps it on top of the diapers, and doesn’t force me to wash it (i.e. use a new one!) for each load I do (which is approx ever other day). I may include it in the wash every once-in-a-while to wash that freshness right in, but have not tried that yet.

I made the deodorizers at the same time we started using cloth diapers and the freshness has lasted several weeks thus far. Right now we’re blessed in that God has not yet put odor in the poo-poo, so I’m not sure I’m qualified to say that these deodorizers are working well– but they do the trick for the first couple of months, at least. My diaper pail seals too well, causing a waft of… not bad, but strong ‘natural’ scent every time it was opened. So I’ve taken to leaving the lid wide open all the time. I had some friends do the sniff test and said it smelled a little flowery in LJ’s room, but definitely not bad or dirty-diaper-y. Excellent.

So far the craftiness has paid off for this venture. Sometimes I end up spending more time and energy than what the original product would have cost me, but for me it is about learning, doing, reducing/reusing/recycling, and the fun of making things yourself!