Is that what all the fussing was about?

I’m aware that there are growth spurts that happen at specific points in infancy. They happen frequently at first (every few weeks) then spread out a bit (every few months). I knew there was supposed to be one around 6 weeks, but had thought we’d already been through it… perhaps not.
LJ spent a good 3 days being eternally fussy and wanting to nurse. The wanting to nurse thing wouldn’t have been so bad as I was trying to rid myself of a (some?) plugged duct(s) and nursing is helpful for that. The bad part was that I was incredibly sore (apparently we’d been lazy in our latch??) and nursing nonstop was doing nothing for my pain.
This was the 2nd set of 3 days recently when he’d been very fussy: the previous 3 were just over a week ago (so much closer to 6 weeks) and I about lost it at that point. Another 3 had me teary all over again. I was tired from being up with him in the night, but he refused to sleep at all during the day. One day I spent 3-4 hours trying to take a nap with him, but he’d have none of it. Or he would nurse and catnap for a few minutes here and there. The only way to get him to sleep for any stretch included my physically moving around (stroller, wrap, sling) so I could not sleep at the same time.
Wednesday night, October 7th, LJ slept through the night. He was fussy when we put him down around 9pm. We got up and nursed around 10:30-11 as usual. Then, in the middle of the night, I was up.. by myself. I decided to pump (for the sake of those plugged ducts and a nursing mom can’t go 9 hours without relieving the pressure— at least not at this point), which should also help him with our oversupply issue (another story). I finished, read several chapters in a book, and still… sleeping. OK, then…
He slept until around 8-9am, when he went through his hour-long wake up ritual before finally starting to open his eyes. We then had a great day– he slept quite a bit throughout the day and kept the fussies away until the evening.
There was no repeat performance last night: he did get up at 3. Perhaps he’ll be more agreeable to an afternoon nap today.