A Mommy secret? Where did the sock go??

OK, Mommies– help me out here. I understand that it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in the world, but please let me in: Where did the sock go? The one that I specifically touched and unfolded before putting it in the laundry, but is not there once I’m folding?

I’ve now lost two of LJ’s nice, new socks in the last two loads of laundry I’ve done. I’ve double- and triple-checked the washer, dryer, and the path in-between (the genius that installed them put them on opposite ends of our full basement). I’ve checked inside other clothes, the walk up the stairs and to his room (also on the opposite side of the house from the stairs), all to no avail. He’s never worn them; these were the wash-before-wear loads.

A tip to the new mommies: I’m going to start putting all his socks into a delicates mesh bag so they are all cooped up and can’t fly away on me! I know it won’t help with the ones that will fall off in the grocery store or at church, but at least I can keep my sanity within my own household. (Why are all the experienced mommies laughing?)