So how long until… ?

I just found this draft that I wrote over a month ago, but never published. As you can see below, at 6 weeks I was ready to throw in the towel.

I know I am supposed to treasure every moment with my little one, but why does he have to make it so difficult sometimes (read: most of the time)? Some of the time he can be so chill and easygoing, but it seems that lately, a majority of the time is fussyfussyfussy. Supposedly it gets easier (several books mention the crying/fussiness peaks at 6-8wks), so perhaps after that is when he’ll be fascinated with his hands and happy with playtoys… I  hope it starts sooner rather than later or this mom’s going to lose it!

Sometimes the answer to his fussiness is physical activity. That is, put him in a sling or wrap, or go for a walk with his stroller, and he’s a happy guy. But he always requires movement and changing scenery (even if it’s back and forth in the house). For a mom whose main interest involves sitting in front of a computer, this is an issue. Even if I get out my camera, I’d still need processing time, for which he does not allow chill (or even nap) time. So far we go for walks, but those get us through an hour or two, max. We’ve gone to the mall, but that seems to end up being too much stimulation for him (plus the last thing I need to be doing is shopping!). We’ve walked in parks, into town, to the nearby walking trail…  But usually just walking. Or dancing. We do dance to music sometimes, but that lasts even less time as I tire.

So to any of the more active moms out there, what do you DO with your little one at times like these?

I certainly hope he starts to chill more, because this mom has to figure out how she can spend time at the computer if she’s going to get any work done. If I can’t, then I’ll need to come to terms with my future plans.

~Sept 29, when LJ was 6 weeks old.

Since then, I’ve noted how lucky I am that I live in a state that provides for an extra 6 weeks of time off to bond with my child and how I feel bad for those who do not have maternity leave or who are limited to the 6 weeks and don’t have additional state leave.

VERY shortly after this was written, LJ learned to smile. What a difference! He still has his fussy days, but they’re becoming farther between (or a smaller percentage of the day). I do still wonder what to DO with him sometimes, but as he develops there are more things he can do and can focus on (visually) so it’s easier to come up with ideas. Even the quiet days at home are easier because he can show me that he’s having fun singing along to 80’s music on Pandora with me  :)