It’s official: I’m a SAHM

SAHM: Stay-at-home-mom… or perhaps that should be FTM (full-time-mom) since I don’t intend to stay at home! I was that already, though (aren’t all moms?).

I resigned from my former out-of-home position on Monday, so am currently unemployed. Goodness, this is scary! I know that it was the right decision, but that knowledge does not seem to be making me feel any better. I intend to consult and/or freelance from home, but don’t have any clients yet, so cannot claim to be a WAHM (my goal). So watch in the future for the official WAHM announcement (hopefully soon!).

In the meantime, I’m trying to add a little order to my day: morning naptime will likely focus around parenting sources, trying to make up for my ignorance in entertaining newborns! Afternoon naptime will focus on technology and refreshing my knowledge as I haven’t been in an IT position for nearly 6 years. I did many IT tasks, but feel woefully behind on the new technologies available.

I’ll also be starting some photography of newborns. Keep in mind the Daily LJ pics are from my iPhone! If you’re in the central NJ area and would like to have your child(ren) photographed, drop me a note. You can see samples of what I’ve done with LJ for his 2-month pics at Flickr. I will also be posting his 2-week and 3-month photo shoots soon.

Finally, a request: any tips on lengthening naptime? LJ has recently taken to frequent, short naps of 20-30 minutes rather than 2-3 longer naps during the day. If you have any tried & true methods for having a solid naptime, please let me know, or my WAHM dreams may be shattered!