Lotions,Oils, Creams & Cloth Diapers: Please share your expertise!

2010-08-25I feel I’ve read so much information on cloth diapering that I am pretty solid in the theory. But nothing speaks like experience and that is something I lack. So these questions go out to all the cloth diapering mamas out there who are willing to share their experiences.

One particular area is still a little fuzzy to me: creams, ointments, oils, and lotions.

I understand the whole concept that diaper rash ointments would get on the diapers and cause repelling issues. Seeing as the goal is to get the moisture to repel from your baby’s fanny, this makes perfect sense. There are some treatments that are noted as being ‘cloth diaper friendly’. Do these diaper-friendly creams not need a liner/barrier between them and the diaper and just wash out with the regular diaper laundry? If so, are they not as effective in helping your baby’s skin?

In our particular case, we don’t have diaper rash, but a few dry skin patches. He had some of these on his arms that I treated and they cleared up no problem. However, I am hesitant to put ANY creams/oils/ointments anywhere that his diaper touches. My big question really is: is there any type of moisturizing I can do for his skin that will not damage the absorbency of his diapers? If I put something on his skin, but rub it in really well, is that OK, or will it still cause issues?

Finally, the liner question: what fabric is best for liners? I have the Kushies flushable liners that I’d planned on using once he starts solids. We also have some old t-shirts we could cut up, but I’m thinking that would be very wet against his skin (keeping in mind, we don’t have dry-touch inserts anyway, but it is normally hemp velour against his skin). If I have to wash them separately from the diapers anyway, I’m leaning toward the disposable liners, as I don’t want to waste the energy and water for a separate load that will barely cover the bottom of my washer.