Productivity Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and that is thanks to the very few, short, and irregular naps that LJ enjoys each day. Getting on toward 6 months, we had established somewhat of a regular routine, but even that goes out the window sometimes (such as today when he was up early, took 2 very short naps all day and went to bed late– oy!). I see the light, though, and can see there will soon be a day when he will be able to entertain himself for longer than 5 minutes. Until then, my WAHM dreams will be slow in coming.

On that note, however, there is some progress! I am officially registered with the State of NJ as an LLC: Katatak LLC and SerendipBitty Images are open for business! Katatak LLC offers Consulting in the IT areas of research, needs analysis, UXD, ideation and brainstorming, and Personal tutoring and computer help (specializing in Mac). Additionally, solutions and services offered include small network setup (small business or personal), data visualization tools, database creation, data manipulation, query building, visual design, user experience design, logo/presence design, templates design, presentation design, resume consultation & design, basic website design, software training/tutoring, photography, photo restoration, album digitization, and photo products compilation (build photobooks, etc, from photos). These latter services are done under the name SerendipBitty Images, which will have a section of this site dedicated to it.

For now, SerendipBitty Images is working on compiling its galleries and portfolio, but if you or anyone you know is looking for consultation or some of these services, please send them my way! Katatak LLC is accepting new clients and looks forward to helping them utilize computer and data systems to better achieve their business or personal goals.