Self Portrait
I have a passion for creating beautiful images. In the past I focused on capturing the peace of the natural world around me, wherever my travels allowed. Since the birth of my son, I’ve found a new delight in photographing babies.

My introduction to photography came during my senior year in high school when Ron Doris was our Physics teacher. Being a photographer himself, he taught his physics classes a section on light and lenses, then spent two weeks teaching us using photography. There was a darkroom in the back of the classroom (many of us wondered what was in that closet that he mysteriously appeared from each day) with all the chemicals and equipment one needed to get taken over by the hobby.

In the years since, I found delight in travel photography, always choosing to spend my ‘souvenir’ money on film, processing, and printing of my journeys. Thank goodness digital media came along to save me from bankruptcy due to my hobby!

Recently, following the birth of my first child, I have found a new joy in portraits of newborns and infants. Babies offer a rare opportunity in that their image can be captured in nearly any state and the tell a wonderful story of a tiny human beginning his or her life journey. Whether alert, dozing, asleep, or even throwing a fit, a baby and its interactions with those more experienced in life are precious and remind us that people and our connections with them are the important things in life.

I have always enjoyed a photojournalistic style when photographing people. Capturing life as it happens… those serendipitous moments are what memories are made of. Similar to nature and travel images, with children I prefer to make images in the child’s natural setting: playing, sleeping, laughing, crying, in their home or crib, or outdoors as they play and delight in learning about their world. As often as possible, the shoot will use natural light, thus I prefer to do shoots in a naturally well-lit room or outdoors in the morning when the light is pleasant and your child has a day of wonder ahead of him or her.

In addition to photo shoots, I take great care in working with your photos. Other digital services include photo products compilation (building photo books, greeting cards, birth announcements, etc. from photos I’ve made at our shoot and/or using your own snapshots), album digitization (scanning of paper albums), and photo restoration. An example of full service could start with digitization of an old album, followed by restoration of old, faded photos, and finished off with the photo collection recreated into a modern photo book.

Please contact me for more information, to schedule a shoot in the Central NJ area, or to learn how your projects, images, and memories can be digitized for the future.