It’s official: I’m a SAHM

I resigned from my former out-of-home position on Monday. Now: finding clients for consulting, freelancing, and photography! If you have tips for lengthening naptime, please leave them in the comments.

A Mommy secret? Where did the sock go??

OK, Mommies– help me out here. I understand that it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in the world, but please let me in: Where did the sock go? The one that I specifically touched and unfolded before putting it in the laundry, but is not there once I’m folding? I’ve now lost two of …

Is that what all the fussing was about?

2010-10-07: The faces of 9hrs sleep Originally uploaded by katatak I’m aware that there are growth spurts that happen at specific points in infancy. They happen frequently at first (every few weeks) then spread out a bit (every few months). I knew there was supposed to be one around 6 weeks, but had thought we’d …

Homemade Deodorizers

So far the craftiness has paid off for this venture. Sometimes I end up spending more time and energy than what the original product would have cost me, but for me it is about learning, doing, reducing/reusing/recycling, and the fun of making things yourself!